Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, factories and workplaces shut down, millions of workers had to deal with the loss of income, food shortages, and uncertainty about their future. 

Due to this, their families were in total distress. Weavers from the Belagavi district of state Karnataka were no exception for this. 

Before the pandemic hit our country as per their requirement the weavers weaved lacs of saree here in the Shahapur,  Vadagon, and Khasbag area of Belagavi city. but then they could not sell the sarees to their dealers or agents who refused to buy them due to the sudden lockdown.

Sevakart is a local initiative started by some Belagavi youth to help weavers conduct a survey. As a result of this, they found that there were 6.5 lacs of sarees unsold.

´Five halls were selected in the Belagavi city in five different locations for free. For the first time, all the weavers got an opportunity to directly sell their sarees. Around 30 lac rupees, sarees were sold.
´Mahila society of Nippani and Chikkodi also Contributed. they purchased 10 to 12 lacs rupees sarees from these weavers.
´More than a Thousand sarees were sent to Bangalore where Mahila Sangha's Initiated in selling them.
´To provide more scope to the weavers a website www.sevakart.in was launched on 25th June 2020.  The website was inaugurated by Shri Jaggesh and Parimala Jaggesh an actor who generously supported this cause and donated some sarees to the staff at the civil hospital Belagavi.
´With the launch of the website, the weavers of other cities like Ilkal, Ramadurga, Banahatti were also able to sell their products.

     Sevakart Foundation Registered as a section 8 company aims to give a new platform for small-scale industries, household industries and encourage them to continue rebuilding their livelihood, and also ensures that their artistic and entrepreneurial legacy continues.


´On the occasion of Kanakdas Jayanti Sevakart Foundation Team Distributed Torch and sweets to the shepherds who stay out from their home for a long time. Identified the lost culture of Kambali (Rug/blanket). Gave them a unique platform to launch their product and reach many people. We Provide the marketplace for Kambali/Blankets made by sheep wool.
´On the occasion of National Handloom Day, we organized "handloom awards". The moto was to promote handloom products and give recognition for handloom weavers. 15 handloom weavers across Karnataka participated in this and award money was given to the winners as well as for the participants. Sarees, towels, bedsheets, kambalis, carpets many other handloom products were promoted.
´A group of young media volunteers worked and made 5 promotional videos. They had selected different weaver products for promotion. These videos were later released through social media by VIP persons and celebrities.
´We designed corporate gifts for special occasions/festivals using local products like Cow products(ghee, handwash, pranati, scented sticks, shubhalabha chinha), scented candles made by blinds, pottery products, handwoven jute products made by rural women, etc.
´Sevakart Foundation gave a big opportunity for handloom weavers. with the help of the Airport Authority of India, we were able to put a live weaving demo on Belagavi Airport premises. Four days Towel weaving was displayed at the airport promoting handloom products. these products were sold online internationally.

We intend to promote the rural art/artisans of India.

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