Indrayani Rice 1kg

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Siddhagiri naturals Indrayani Rice 1 kg

The original Indrayani rice, a medium grain native rice, owes its existence to another unique variety, Ambemohar. Its low yield and susceptibility to disease saw farmers cross the Ambemohar with a high-yielding variety to develop the Indrayani, named after the river that flows through the Sahyadri Mountains.

This rice helps in regulates and lowers blood pressure helps in digestion and reduces cholesterol, It is low in sodium and rich in iron with a good amount of natural oil rich in Fiber and antioxidants.

SIDDHAGIRI NATURALS is a Farmer's production company that trains farmers in making quality products made from natural materials and encourages our farmers to practice organic farming.

Purity, Prosperity, and Health are the three principles they stand on. They always work towards providing pure and natural products beneficial for—people's health. If you have purchased this product, you have been part of doubling a farmer's income.

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