Gomaya Earrings

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Jewellery is the artistic heritage of our Bharatiya culture. Jewellery shows the arts, traditions and richness of our culture. We would like to pay tribute to our great artistic heritage but that too with a difference. A difference in the sense of innovation. The difference is we are bringing the blessings of our sacred and holy Goumata, in the making of the jewellery. We are introducing the "Gomaya Jewellery ", jewellery made up of cow dung. " गोमये वसते लक्ष्मी " This Gomaya Jewellery is unique, economical and innovative. Wearing this jewellery on various occasions shows not only our respect for Goumata but also increases our esteem towards our cultural heritage. You can extend your service to Gomata by purchasing this Gomaya Jewellery.

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Cow Based Agriculture is one of the pillars of a Sustainable Economy with the involvement of Indian Native Cows. Supporting Gomaya products is one of the ways we can support Sustainable Agriculture. The Gokul Udyog Organization has been working relentlessly in using cow based products and bringing in more awareness on the importance of using cow based products.

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